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Does the fast pace of life sometimes make you feel like you are going to crash? Do you feel like pulling the emergency brake on your life or career, but you’re afraid of the results? 

You will Discover How to

reconnect to your truth and passion

Maintain your integrity and authenticity

Prepare for the unexpected

Enjoy the Ride wherever Life takes you

Author spotlight

Arin Halicki is an ex-Silicon Valley corporate ladder climber turned transformational coach. 

She has reinvented her career six times and counting. Through it all, she’s discovered that each time you feel a crash coming on there is a way to cruise into any change with grace.

In addition to her coaching programs, Arin is a keynote speaker and yogi.

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Arin Halicki

Praise for Your Emergency Brake

Arin is like a breath of fresh air into the area of reinvention. She gets under the superficial how-to’s and into the reality of what it takes to create profound and lasting changes in your life.

Steve Olsher

A must read for these times of constant change. Your Emergency Brake takes a mindful approach to navigating the ‘upside of the unknown.’  Her book gives us the tools and confidence to switch gears and smooth out the bumps along the way.​

Sam McAfee

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